3D Printing is used regularly across a wide range of different industries. Many 3D printing sectors use this technology to make multi-coloured and multi-material models. This can help demonstrate concepts, visualise designs, educate students, explain products to potential customers, test mechanisms, practice procedures, produce unique pieces, or for a wide variety of other applications.

White rigid brackets on 3D printer bed

Detailed architectural model of stadium

Prototype wheel with over-moulded rubber tyre

Colour-coded thread gauges

Handheld mixer in rigid plastics

Interlocking moving gear mechanism

Soft, flexible pink shoes with transparent stiletto heels

Customised glasses with multi-coloured frames and clear lens

Blue caliper micrometer with sliding mechanism

Aerospace and Defence:

Respond quickly to market changes, iterate new designs quickly and make faster decisions by using 3D Print technology for realistic prototyping, inexpensive tooling and low-volume part manufacturing.


Create smooth, highly complex and durable 3D models in a wide variety of materials, finishes and colours. Impress your clients with large, realistic, and detailed 3D printed architectural models and construction visualisations.


Increase the speed and efficiency of the design process with full colour visualisation models, resilient prototypes which simulate high-performance engineering thermoplastics, and even jigs and fixtures for commercial production.

Commercial Products:

Get your product to market faster. 3D Printing can be a time and cost efficient option for low volume tooling or for short production runs of durable end use parts.

Consumer Goods:

Speed up your design cycle by 3D printing highly accurate and realistic prototypes for visualisation, testing and validation. Our quick turnaround allows you to have the part in your hands within days. 3D printing also allows for every part to be different, so you can produce customised products for every single client.


Teach art, design and engineering with models which give students the opportunity to visualise, validate and improve their ideas. Quick turnaround keeps interest alive and flowing. Use complex, detailed and functional models to explain mathematical geometries, mechanisms, chemical structures, biological forms, and geographical features.


Explore 3D printing in fashion and textile design. The potential for interwoven, organic, “impossible” shapes in a wide variety of colours, transparencies and textures, where every object is different, offers a huge creative scope for fashion designers.

Film and Media:

Create realistic props, costumes and special effects using detailed, smooth, multi-coloured 3D prints which can be finished using a variety of techniques.

Healthcare and Medical:

Validate medical device performance by creating high precision prototype parts. Teach and research medical procedures using scan data to produce 3D printed anatomical models with a variety of realistic colours and textures.


Let visitors hold your delicate artefacts by producing realistic, high definition, representative replicas.


Produce models to help you visualise and explain complicated data and complex systems. 3D print specialist, customised lab equipment to assist with your experiments.

These are only some examples. Whatever industry you’re in, we’d love to help so please get in touch.

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