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Design Services

Oxford Rapid Prototyping’s parent company, Oxford Product Design, are product design specialists. If you have an idea for an object that you want to 3D print but don’t have the time or skill to make 3D CAD files ready for 3D printing, OPD can help you.

Through Oxford Product Design we also offer a wide range of product design services and specialist design skills, including:

Industrial Design

Designing stylish, cost effective, highly reliable and easy to manufacture products.

Mechanical Engineering

Using the latest technologies and best practices Oxford Product Design will make sure your product is designed in the optimum and most cost effective way.

Electronics Engineering

Integrated electronics, incorporating electronic circuits, microprocessors, microcontrollers, devices and other systems into your design.


Using the latest technology hardware and premium simulation software to run a vast range of tests. This includes stress analysis, shock loads, drop tests, thermal and effects of thermal, static loads, dynamic loads, pressures, and centrifugal and gyroscopic effects.


Experience your design in a 2D still or animated prototype before committing to a physical prototype. Communicate your product concepts to investors, staff, customers and other stakeholders.

Project Management

We offer seamless guidance through product project management. Oxford Product Design will help you get your product to market quickly using a blend of recognised project management tools and industry expertise.

Manufacturing Support

Seamless production requires on-going testing and checking within the factory. We can work alongside your chosen factory to oversee the manufacture of your final product. Alternatively, we can recommend suitable partners if you venturing into manufacturing for the first time.

Strategy Development

Offering a crucial insight, OPD can bring critical thinking and help you develop a strategy to get the funding or investment required to take your idea to market.

For more information on our product design services, visit the Oxford Product Design website, call us on +44 (0)1865 502010 or at email us.

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