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3D Printing applications are wide and varied. Some of the most common applications using our Polyjet 3D printer are:

Block Models

Trial the size, shape and ergonomics of your design quickly to validate your idea early.


Explain your ideas effectively with a full colour, realistic 3D printed model. When a picture says a thousand words, think about the power of holding an object in your hands.


Demonstrate a complex mechanism by 3D printing multiple precise parts in different materials as one assembly. Colour coding parts can provide additional clarity.

Proof of Concept

Show that your idea will work with a functional, durable, working part.

Ergonomic Rigs

Check the size, shape and weight of your product by 3D printing a smooth, detailed, accurate model.

Functional Prototypes

Prove your design works with a full size, practical, working demonstrator. Test working hinges, seals and gears straight from our 3D printer.

Design Validation

Validate your design with a precise prototype before manufacture. Avoid finding costly mistakes after tooling.

Jigs and Fixtures

Assist low volume production runs by quickly 3D printing jigs and fixtures. If you redesign them frequently, your design can be as fluid as your demand.

Casting Tools

Cast into smooth 3D printed moulds for excellent surface finish and high accuracy on complex shapes.

Low Volume Production

Manufacture interesting objects by combining colours, transparencies, and hardness in novel ways. Shorten your time to market and maintain short lead times; our rapid turnaround means you receive your 3D printed parts quickly. Use digital manufacturing to customise every object you produce to your client.

Marketing Models

Illustrate your products to potential investors, partners and customers with full colour, full size models in the correct textures and finishes to fully explain how they will look and feel.

These are the most common stages of prototyping. If your project is following a different process, we’re still keen to be involved. Please tell us more about your project and we’ll try to help.

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